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Designed to perform any kind of cutting, drilling, marking, and slotting operations on PVC profiles by means of servo controlled engines motors.

• Servo control system providing motion in 8 axis,
• Windows based PC
• Touchscreen panel
• Barcode printer
• Writing information barcode on last profile
• Following the processing situation of the PVC profile on the PC screen simultaneously
• 10 pieces of profile loading capacity of conveyor unit in the range of min. 800 / max. 6500 mm
• Technical support via remote access
• Cutting storage capacity of 6500 rows
• Interface software integrated with all CAD programs
• Simultaneous milling and cutting operation
• Clear user interface
• Conveyor unit with profile feeding capacity of 10 pieces
• Integration with four corner PVC welding and cleaning line
• Drop down cutting unit with servo system having +/- 0.1⁰ accuracy between 30⁰ – 150⁰
• Performing required operation on every surface of profile
• Performing every necessary operations (except notching) for window profiles
• Frame and sash profile recognition system
• Profile width and height dimension control system
• Handling chip and scrap profiles by using conveyor and storage
• Processing capacity of 1200 -1800 running meters / 8 hours
• Automatic lubrication system
• Low pressure control
• LED interior lighting
• Saw diameter: 500 mm
• Minimum profile dimension to be hold (W x H): 40 mm, 40 mm
• Maximum profile dimension to be hold (W x H) : 130 mm x 140 mm
• Maximum profile length to be processed (L max): 6500 mm
• Minimum profile length to be processed (L min): 700 mm

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